About the Hypnotist

About the Hypnotist

Find Montreal HypnotherapistDavid is a hypnotist on a mission.

A mission to bring liberation to those who suffer, peace to those in pain, wellness to those in distress.   But also to help people come to know their true potential, live their lives with joyful passion, and feel true freedom within themselves. Now as a Hypnotist in Montreal this has become deeply more effective. I find fulfilment from the feeling that arises when someone celebrates their newfound freedom or proficiency. People come to see a hypnotist not fully knowing how powerful hypnosis is. One of the things that allow my clients to create rapid change is my belief that it’s possible to exchange suffering for growth, and to reap rewards from any trial or tribulation.  Though it may sound strange without a deeper explanation, I believe that every adversity, lack, and discomfort in life has a profound purpose.  And since all the hardships we go through inevitably allow us to grow & learn, my goal is to give you the best return for your investment, so that you reap the full reward of everything you’ve been through. Hence, what makes me really enjoy doing this work is not just that my clients walk away feeling comfortable, expansive, and at ease, but that they have an overall deeper appreciation for life.He’s been called “the Montreal Hypnotist who makes change effortless.” 

I initially became a hypnotherapist at the Hypnos Center in Montreal, then continued to obtain a diploma at the Institute of Natural Health Consultants. Most recently, I graduated from the Institute of Profiling and Neuro-Coaching. After many years of working with hypnosis and hundreds of hours of continued studies, I now teach hypnosis throughout the world to professional therapists.

Using an approach based on the idea that the individual has inside of themselves every resource necessary to achieve their goals, we see every situation as a favourable one, because even problems and hardships can become blessings and gifts. This therapy is centered on revealing to the individual the power that they have over their own experiences, and how these experiences can be changed easily by harnessing the power of their inner mind.  Try it for yourself, you’ll find that positive change can be easy, rapid, and practically automatic. This Montreal Hypnotist will show you how graceful change can be.

Through my journey of self-development, I learned and developed a wide variety of tools and techniques. Out of these, the modality that I use foremost is hypnosis, because of its potent efficiency and because it can catalyze tremendous growth and healing. (To learn more about hypnosis, click here.)

Hypnotherapist in Montreal, Quebec

Montreal’s Own Hypnotherapist, At Your Service.

Though relying on the extensively studied and well documented methodologies of modern and classical therapies, I continues to explore new ways of joining these together holistically to develop the most efficient approach for my clients.

Now located on the plateau in Montreal, it’s a great pleasure to offer these services to the Montreal community, because the betterment of one person goes on to affect many others.

If you’re aware that you hold within you a profound potential, and that life’s many opportunities are offered to you in this very instant, then take a step towards the fulfilment of these possibilities today. Seeing a hypnotist might be the best investment towards your success and well-being.

Use a Hypnotist in Montreal to make the journey easier.

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