About Keycraft

About Keycraft

Keycraft is the result of years of experience and research in finding the quickest, most effective ways for people to feel well and happy. By combining the best tools from a variety of therapy modalities, a wide array of possible solutions are offered for a variety of situations.

Due to the variety of services offered, each session is unique and uses very different processes and techniques.  Sessions can take the form of therapy, of coaching, of consultation or even of teachings.

After the initial intake during the first session, a strategy is established and techniques put together that will bring us to your desired end.  Since every situation calls for a different solution, there is no typical procedure or protocol for Keycraft sessions, but to give you an idea, the following is an example of what a session could resemble.

In a Keycraft session, the client is verbally guided into a state of heightened awareness and acuity, often coupled with deep relaxation, from which they can access aspects of their consciousness that seemed locked away from their everyday frames of mind.  From this state, the deeper inner mind is open to making the necessary changes for improvement, and thus any situation can be rapidly transformed for the better.  Hence, although the therapist/coach/teacher plays an important role in applying techniques and in presenting opportunities for growth and change, it is the client herself or himself who causes the beneficial effects to occur.

In all cases, rapid and effective changes can take place, often after the very first sessions.  The beauty of these techniques is that they often allow changes to occur instantaneously that would’ve taken months or years to resolve using other routes.  Change becomes natural and graceful when, instead of fighting against a problem, we re-arrange it to form a solution using the same factors that allowed it to exist in the first place.

We believe that everybody has the inherent ability to be anything they want to be, and that we each carry inside of us the potential to make immediate, radical changes for our growth and betterment. Your enormous potential is not just some idealistic fantasy; it’s real, it’s live, it’s yours right now. You can unlock it with the right key, and you have what it takes inside of you to craft that key.

Throughout our life, we’ve adopted notions and views that have settled into the framework of how we perceive and move through life.  These are essentially responsible for the majority of our dissatisfactions, shortcomings, and mishaps. If we want to change ourselves for the better, then we have to reprogram these subconscious processes. That’s not to say that our old programs were bad or that our subconscious mind was mistaken, just that we were due for upgrades.

Through working on our unconscious beliefs, and by rewriting our past programming for the better, we can achieve practically any state of being and eventually attain our highest objectives.  That’s why we choose to work foremost with the inner mind through hypnosis, because knowledge, reason, and hard work by themselves will almost never overcome your subconscious programming. By going straight to the source, we can remove any obstacle to being exactly who and how we want to be.

Whereas in many other modalities of therapy the process to heal or improve can be long and arduous (sometimes due to unconscious resistance), in hypnosis it becomes rapid and effortless, because we are using the same force that creates blocks and unease to erase them and replace them with clarity and wellness.

You’ll even find that when you transform one part of your life, it spreads, so that the positive changes created in one area of your life are reflected in many others.  Once the communication is clearer between you and your subconscious, it can start to do countless good things for you.

Our goal is to assist people to enter into states of well being, happiness, and health, and for them to shift with ease into feelings of fulfilment and jubilation, whether through alleviating ailments or ameliorating abilities.

For more information on hypnosis, see the FAQ.

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