Stop Snoring / Teeth Grinding

Stop Snoring / Teeth Grinding


( Do you sleep with someone who snores, and are you checking this out for them? Unless they are really willing to attend a session, a better option would be to make it so that you aren’t bothered by their snoring anymore and can sleep perfectly beside them despite it.  Contact me for more info. )

Why is it that some people snore and some people don’t? I don’t know, and I don’t care, because I know that this session can make you one of those who don’t. Snoring, like most of your body’s functions, is au automatic process regulated subconsciously.  All it takes is for your subconscious mind to be programmed so as not to snore, and you won’t.


Though the case is unique for each individual, it is likely that in this session we’ll release your suppressed stress and allow you to psycho-emotionally unwind, because more often than not, that is the source of teeth-grinding.  In any case, once you’ve freed up your feelings, all it takes is a few simple instructions to your subconscious mind to make it so that your jaw remains relaxed as you sleep, as is natural.

Two sessions are suggested to stop snoring/teeth-grinding completely. Just like driving a peg into the ground, the first hit breaks the earth, and the second drives it deep. Likewise, the first session acts as a primer, and the second reinforces and officialises it.  However, if the snoring/teeth-grinding disappears completely after the first session, you aren’t required to come in for the second.

Session Format: Two 1-hour sessions   cost: $75 per session

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