Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis – Easy and Natural. Get hypnotized for smoking cessation, make it easy!

– Find freedom from cigarettes for good with Hypnosis to stop smoking.

– Increase your lifespan & boost your health by using hypnotherapy to quit smoking!

– Feel clean, smell fresh & breathe better through hypnotherapy to quit cigarettes.

Becoming a non-smoker can be easy. You don’t have to deal with hunger pangs, mood swings, or cigarette cravings, as do many of those who quit otherwise. When you become a non-smoker with hypnosis, it’s as if you’ve never smoked.  With this method I give you the resources to face all of the difficulties usually involved in quitting with confidence and ease, as well as an ability that makes cravings completely. Stop smoking easily with hypnosis. The reason most other methods of quitting don’t work is that they try to battle the habit, which inevitably results in it’s battling back.  With this method we speak to the innermost mind, where the habit is maintained to begin with, and make it understand that the right thing to do is not smoke, at which point it says “OK!”  We uproot the problem at the source so that it doesn’t fight back and doesn’t come back. (OK, it’s a lot more complex than this, and dozens of different hypnotherapy approaches are used, but that’s the basic idea.)

This hypnotherapy process is specially devised to change the way you look at & feel about cigarettes, to make it as if you’ve never smoked & wouldn’t want to.   You’ll walk out feeling at peace with yourself & with the idea of not smoking. One of the things we’ll do to achieve this is revisit your initial reasons for smoking and reframe them, and from there give your subconscious mind an alternative to operate from, allowing you to feel deep down that you’re a non-smoker. With hypnosis it’s practically effortless.

This process also gives you access to all of the inner resources that cigarettes might’ve given you, such as the ability to relax at will, a deep-seated sense of confidence, and more.  Imagine what it would be like to be completely smoke-free and liberated from the ties of cigarette smoke for good. With hypnosis it’s easy.

The process takes place over the span of two sessions; the first 1-hour session sets the primer for the main session, in part by eliminating fears and resistances to the idea of quitting cigarettes. The main session can be 1½ hours to 2 hours because of the variety of techniques used as well as to allow time for an intake and explanation of the process’ procedure. If you’ve already firmly made the decision to stop smoking, and you are deeply convinced of your choice, you can apply for doing the main session only, though it is usually recommended to do both to ensure a thorough and clean transition. It is easy to stop smoking with hypnosis, but you need to truly, deeply want to quit, and the first session helps a lot with that.

For those who feel that they need additional support in becoming a non-smoker, a 5-session plan is offered for $350 which further reinforces the change and addresses resistance to change. Take the first step and use hypnosis to stop smoking today!

Session Format:  Either 2 sessions for $160 ; or 5 1-hour sessions for $350.

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