For the Body

For the Body

I’m sometimes asked how it is that working with the mind enables my clients to effect profound physical adjustments, such as quitting an addiction with no withdrawal, making allergies disappear, or improving their endurance all of a sudden. The answer is simple; I work with the same medium or force that created their addiction, their allergy, or their limit to begin with. That force is the subconscious mind, and given the right instructions, it can change or ameliorate anything in it’s domain.

The subconscious aspect of our mind is what regulates and maintains all of our body’s natural functions. These in turn define how well we feel and perform. In the same way that an unconscious part of you regulates your breathing most of the time, it also reigns over your circulation, endocrine secretions, neural networks, etc.

It may seem almost miraculous to someone who knows little about their subconscious, but by working directly with this part of the mind we can take away cravings, control pain, regulate metabolism, program our moods, and much more.

It then becomes an almost effortless process to re-educate our bodies so that they behave according to our best interest.  The possibilities herein are vast, so don’t hesitate to begin considering now how you could improve your bodily experience.

Eliminate Allergies

Pain Relief

Stop Smoking

Stop Snoring / Teeth-Grinding

End Insomnia

Sports Performance