Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the most widely performed uses of hypnosis. The most common display of hypnotic phenomenon in classes and demonstrations is anaesthesia, to show that the subject in hypnosis can feel a rough pinch as nothing but slight pressure.

Hypnosis is used in many dentist’s offices around the world. It is even often used in surgery as an alternative to anaesthetics. Many patients the world over go through intensive surgery while being wide awake with nothing but hypnosis. It has also become quite common for women to have painless childbirths thanks to hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help you in your day to day life if you’ve been suffering from pain or discomfort. You’ll feel a relief that you may not have suspected was possible.

In most instances, a licensed doctor’s referral note will be required. This is because I will not erase a symptom that could be indicative of an untreated disease. Taking the pain away in such a case would evidently do more harm than good.  Also, in some cases I will prefer to refer you to another professional (whether it be an osteopath, a physiotherapist, or someone else) to heal the problem rather than simply erase the pain.

Profound relief is felt from the very first session, but depending on the level of your pain, and whether it is chronic or acute, it could take up to several sessions to be able to manage or erase it completely.

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