Sports Performance

Sports Performance

You know that feeling of being “in the zone”, where everything flows smoothly and a natural sense of mastery seems to be easily accessible to you?  Imagine being able to tap into that state of being at will.  Imagine if you could control your sense of time, so that you seemed to be faster than everything around you.  Imagine the ability of being able to evoke a rush of adrenaline on command, yet remaining in calm control of yourself.

Would your game improve if you felt fully confident in your competence?  What if the feelings of success and pride were hard-wired into your system to begin with? How would this change the way you play?  If you were sure you could win, regardless of the circumstance, before the game or competition even began, how would that allow you to master your performance?

You better expand your view of what’s possible, because you have an immense potential inside that’s just waiting to be tapped, and you have what it takes now to receive what your great unconscious has to offer.

Session format: Ongoing 1hr sessions until you feel improvement is impossible. (And since improvement is never impossible, you can continue to improve until you find it ridiculous to have such an unfair advantage.)

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