ReCreate Yourself

ReCreate Yourself

-Shift Perspectives about the Past and choose your optimal future

-Delve into the depths of your being to retrieve knowledge of self

-Find internalized feelings that don’t belong to you and return them

Imagine if life were like a giant movie and you could be any character you wanted to be. Well…It is, and you can be.

As people, we frequently mistake ourselves for that which we are not. We identify with our situation, our thoughts, even our belongings and our entourage. But none of these are who we are.

Circumstances don’t define us.  Conditions and conditioning can’t contain us.

You are free to be exactly who you want to be, regardless of your past, or your present, or your perceived future.

Even your most deeply ingrained habit is simply settled on the surface of who you are.

In the same way that your whole body is constantly recreating itself, and that you have a completely different body, down to every cell, than you did several years ago, you can likewise recreate your entire person.

If you have a basic understanding of your neurobiology, you understand the roles that your neural pathways play in your experience and expression. The magical truth is that you have as many possible connections amongst your neural pathways as there are atoms in the whole of the universe. This means that you have the inborn potential to see life in any way, and to live and express yourself in any way.

Be who you want to be.

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