Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming


Saturday & Sunday

May 28th & 29th

in Victoria, B.C.

You’ll learn to control your dreams so that every night becomes an amazing journey of self-discovery, filled with fun and personal growth!

zstockWhat are Lucid Dreams? When you’re aware of being in a dream while sleeping. In a lucid dream, you can choose what happens in the dream. You can experience anything you want and discover new levels of yourself to bring a greater sense of fullness to your daily life.

In this seminar, you’ll receive all the necessary tools to start having lucid dreams right away, including: Self-Hypnosis techniques, NLP mind hacks, Dzogchen processes (Tibetan dream yoga), & much

David Brahm is a teacher of meditation and hypnosis. He trains hypnotherapists from all over the world. He began having lucid dreams at 14 years old.


Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

On saturday we’ll learn emotional & mental preparation techniques + meditation methods that are useful for lucid dreaming. We’ll learn everything that’s possible within lucid dreams & set personal objectives. We’ll learn how to easily remember hundreds of dreams each night & tons of ways to wake up inside of our dreams.

Sunday, we’ll have hypnosis sessions that’ll make it easy to start having lucid dreams, & we’ll learn how to use self-hypnosis to program our mind to control our dreams. We’ll learn what supplements can provoke lucid dreams. We’ll talk about the thousands of benefits lucid dreaming brings to our daily lives!


The Horizon Center  228 – 1175 Cook st. (at the corner of View), Victoria, B.C. V8V 4A1




Why learn to have Lucid Dreams?

The easiest answer is for entertainment. Imagine if you could choose to experience anything at all: Fly through the sky, spend time with your favourite person (fictional, historical, anybody), have an adventure like in the movies…

But the best answer is this one: Sometimes you have dreams that seem to last hours or days, but you wake up and only a few minutes have actually passed. With lucid dreaming, you can use this time-distortion effect to your advantage. Imagine spending 10,000 hours perfecting your skill (musical, athletic, linguistic, meditative, whatever) and bringing that experience back to your waking self. The implications are huge. Lucid dreaming also opens doors to greater knowledge of Self & helps you attain your personal objectives in waking life.


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